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Yellow Level Quiz 18 Indirect Speech

Yellow Level Quiz #18 – indirect speech

Part A.

Directions: Change the verbs in each sentence as they would normally change when using indirect speech.

Example: “I have a lot of work to do today,” he said.   He said that he had a lot of work to do today.

1. “The car needs to be fixed,” she said.  She said that the car ___________ to be fixed.

2. “It’s going to snow tonight,” the weatherman said.  The weatherman said that it ______ ________ ______ _______tonight.

3. “I’ll meet you later,” Tom said.  Tom said that he __________ __________ me later.

4. “Helen went shopping,” said her husband.  Helen’s husband said that she __________ ___________ shoppping.

5. “I can’t make it to class tomorrow,” said Maria.  Maria said that she ___________ __________ it to class today.

6. “The teacher has your book,” my friend told me. My friend told me that my teacher ___________ my book.

7. “The computers don’t work,” said the librarian. The librarian said that the computers __________ __________.

8. My kids haven’t eaten yet,” said the mother. The mother said that her kids ___________ __________ yet.

9. The keys are on the table,” he said.  He said that the keys ___________ on the table.

10. “I’ll call you later,” she told me.  She said that she __________ ___________ me later.


Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence or question in indirect speech.

1. “What time is it,” she asked. She asked _________________________________________________________________.

2. “I have some time to meet with you,” he said. He said that ________________________________________________me.

3. “Does the store close early,” I asked.  I asked _____________________________________________________________.

4. “Who’s absent today?” the teacher asked. The teacher wanted to know _________________________________________.

5. “Power is restored to the city,” said the reporter. The reporter said that _________________________________________.

6. “You need to lose 20 pounds,” the doctor told me.  The doctor told me ________________________________________.

7. “I have to work late tonight,” said Mike. Mike said ________________________________________________________.

8. “How long is the movie?” asked someone. Someone asked __________________________________________________.

9. “I have a lawn mower you can borrow,” Bob told me. Bob said ______________________________________________.

10. “Is the game cancelled? we asked him. We asked ______________________________________ and _____ said it wasn’t.


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