Yellow Level Quiz #18 – indirect speech (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Change the verbs in each sentence as they would normally change when using indirect speech.

Example: “I have a lot of work to do today,” he said.  arrow He said that he had a lot of work to do today.

1. “The car needs to be fixed,” she said. arrow  She said that the car needed to be fixed.

2. “It’s going to snow tonight,” the weatherman said. arrow The weatherman said that it was going to snow tonight.

3. “I’ll meet you later,” Tom said. arrow Tom said that he would meet me later.

4. “Helen went shopping,” said her husband. arrow Helen’s husband said that she had gone shoppping.

5. “I can’t make it to class tomorrow,” said Maria. arrow Maria said that she couldn’t make it to class today.

6. “The teacher has your book,” my friend told me. arrow My friend told me that my teacher had my book.

7. “The computers don’t work,” said the librarian. arrow The librarian said that the computers didn’t work.

8. My kids haven’t eaten yet,” said the mother. arrow The mother said that her kids hadn’t eaten yet.

9. The keys are on the table,” he said. arrow He said that the keys were on the table.

10. “I’ll call you later,” she told me. arrow  She said that she would call me later.


Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence or question in indirect speech. (The use of “that” is optional in sentences.)

1. “What time is it,” she asked. arrow She asked what time it was.

2. “I have some time to meet with you,” he said. arrow He said that he had some time to meet with me.

3. “Does the store close early,” I asked. arrow I asked if the store closed early.

4. “Who’s absent today?” the teacher asked. arrow The teacher wanted to know who was absent today.

5. “Power is restored to the city,” said the reporter. arrow The reporter said that power was restored to the city.

6. “You need to lose 20 pounds,” the doctor told me. arrow  The doctor told me that I needed to lose 20 pounds.

7. “I have to work late tonight,” said Mike. arrow Mike said that he had to work late tonight.

8. “How long is the movie?” asked someone. arrow Someone asked how long the movie was.

9. “I have a lawn mower you can borrow,” Bob told me. arrow Bob said he had a lawn mower I could borrow.

10. “Is the game cancelled? we asked him. arrow We asked if the game was cancelled and he said it wasn’t.