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Idioms D


deal with = manage a problem; take care of a situation.

In business, sometimes it’s very difficult to deal with the pressure of a deadline.

*deadline = the date or time when something must be finished.

Life is very difficult sometimes. You just have to deal with it!


do (food) = have food (usually lunch) and meet to discuss something important.

They do lunch every Friday.

do in = to kill or be killed

Although he tried to fight them off, the man was done in by his captors.


do over = do something again; repeat.

George got really angry when he forgot to save his work on his computer and then had to do it over.

 draw attention to = to have other people look at something or someone

He enjoys drawing attention to himself by showing everyone how good he is at rollerblading.

 drive (someone) crazy = to cause problems; to make someone angry or mad.

Her husband drives her crazy when he reads the morning newspaper and doesn’t talk to her.

due to – because of; for this reason

We had to find a new way of getting to work due to the collapse of the bridge.


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