early on = early; at the beginning of something.

Early on in their relationship, Donna and Bill ate lunch together every day.

Donna and Bill

(Read more about Donna and Bill in the Red Level Reading Room.)

 easygoing = relaxed; not worried; calm

Rupert is such an easygoing boss. All the employees like to talk to him, and best of all, he never gets mad when we make mistakes.



 eat away at = to cause trouble, create worries.

Problems at work are eating away at him so much, he can’t sleep at night.

Don’t let your daily worries eat away at you. Take one day at a time.


 eat out = eat at a restaurant

eat in = eat at home

He eats out a lot because he works late at night. Eating in is healthier.

man eating

 eat up = eat everything

This boy is going to eat up all these french fries before his brother has a chance to eat any.


boy eating

 end up = finish; final destination or result. Also, end up with

Originally, they had planned to go out to eat, but then they ended up watching TV.

He ended up with a good wife who always supported him.

people watching tv
 every other = to skip one and go to the next.

Every other month, she has to see her doctor. (January, March, May, July, etc.)

Every other day, I have to work late. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc. )

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