lay a hand on = hit someone

If you ever try to lay a hand on me, I’ll hurt you.

Never lay a hand on a child.


lay off / (be or get) laid off = to lose a job because business is slow.

Even though he was a good worker, he was laid off because the company wasn’t doing very well. (passive voice)

angry worker

lend a hand = help

When Tom couldn’t fix the printing press, he asked Jose to lend him a hand.

"Could you lend me a hand with this?"

two guys working

let (one) off = to allow to go without a consequence

The police officer pulled me over for speeding, but then he let me off without a ticket.

police car

let up / let up on = to stop or begin to stop: VIDEO


look for = try to find; search

The pirates spent two years looking for treasure and finally they found it.

looking for treasure

look forward to = to have a good feeling about a future event.

He‘s been looking forward to seeing the new Batman movie for weeks.


look (it) up = to find information

If you need to find a good price on a car, you can look it up on the internet.

You can also look up information in a book.

man looking at a computer for information

look through = read; read quickly and with a purpose.

Alicia is looking though the newspaper to find a new job.

woman reading a newspaper

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