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Idioms F


 face = to experience a challenge or a problem. Also, face up to.

She faces many new responsibilities in her job as a manager. She’s ready to face up to the challenge.

pro woman

 fall apart = to lose control; to break; to fail.

His life started to fall apart when he began to drink again.

As a result, everything fell apart at his job, too, so he was fired.

fall through: something doesn’t happen. Often used for business relationships.

They were going to start a business together, but then their plans fell through.


 figure out = to learn how to do something; think for oneself.

The boys didn’t know how to make a cake, but they figured out for themselves how to do it.

They figured it out.

 fill in = to write information on a form; to talk and provide information. Fill me in.

She has to fill in the blanks on these forms.

 find out = to get information from another person, a computer, a newspaper, etc.

To find out what kinds of jobs are available, you can go online and do a search.

 for good = forever; something will or will not change.

He’s moving into a new house, but he probably won’t stay for good.

 for sure = to know something is true; to be certain

He knows for sure that he’s in love with his girlfriend.

Does she love him for sure?

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