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Idioms H


 hand in = to give information to someone, such as a government office; to give an asssignment to someone, such as a teacher.

I got a perfect score on the assignment I handed in to my teacher.


hand out = 1. to give, usually information or assignments.

The teacher is handing out an assignment to her students.

handout = 2. (noun) charity, food, money.

The homeless man on the street accepts handouts from people who pass by.


 hang out = spend time with friends; do nothing with other people.

Jason and Sandy like to hang out with each other.

Yesterday they hung out at a record store all afternoon.

 hang up on = to end a phone conversation quickly, usually when angry or impatient.

She got tired of being put on hold, so she hung up on the person who was helping her.

have it out = to fight; argue

The people in the apartment next door really had it out last night. You could hear every word. (past tense)


 have to do with = to have some connection; to be related.

When it was discovered that the president of the bank had something to do with the theft of some money, everyone was shocked.

 have something / nothing against = to have bad feelings about someone or something.

I have nothing against people who smoke as long as they don’t do it too close to me.

 hold on = wait for a short time; stop

"Can you hold on a minute. I have another call coming through."

Also…hold off = wait for a longer period time.

We thought about getting a new car, but because the economy is so bad, we decided to hold off for now.

 hold up = to be in good condition after a long period of time or physical challenge; to be okay after a sickness or a period of struggle.

After two hours of skiing, they’re holding up pretty well.

 hung up on = to be in love with someone; to think about something or someone all the time.

 They’re really hung up on each other. She’s hung up on him, and he’s hung up on her.

Don’t get so hung up on this. There’s nothing you can do about the situation.

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