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Idioms M


make a difference = be different; be better or worse; to create a change.

I asked my friend which motor oil was the best, and he said it didn’t make a difference which one I used.


going somewhere

make do = to use what a person has available.

Ole doesn’t have very much money, but he’s able to make do with what he has.


make sense = be reasonable; smart action, smart idea

It makes sense to protect yourself from the sun.

It doesn’t make any sense to allow yourself to get burned.

make sure = check on something.

Make sure you get to the airport on time so you don’t miss your flight.

make up = create from your imagination; invent an idea

A little girl made up a story about some bears who got lost while walking in the forest.

make up (one’s) mind = decide; choose one thing or direction.

Donna and Brian can’t make up their minds on a name for their baby.

 I can’t make up my mind.

You can’t make up your mind.

He can’t make up his mind.

She can’t make up her mind.

We can’t make up our minds.

might as well = okay to do something, even if you think it’s not a good idea.

We might as well let Reggie open his gifts now. He can’t wait.

more or less = similar to something; about the same as

This radio is so old it’s more or less an antique.


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