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Idioms N


no can do = not possible

The owner was asked if the company could have a big picnic this year, and she said, "No can do."

no laughing matter = something is serious. Something might look funny, but it’s not funny.

His boss actually kicked him out of his office, but it was no laughing matter to anyone who saw it happen because it was so cruel.


no matter what = nothing can stop something else from happening; this will happen.

They are determined to have a baby together–no matter what.

They will support each other, no matter what.

no question = something is true; something is obvious to everyone.

There’s no question about his talent as a soccer player. He’s very, very good.

no time to lose = it’s necessary to go fast; hurry.

There’s no time to lose. We must move very quickly or else we’ll be late.

not at all = completely not; very negative.

He’s not at all sorry that he gave up his car and now rides a bike to work.

A: Do you miss driving your car?

B: No. Not at all.

now and then = occasionally; sometimes

Now and then he misses the bus, and then he has to walk to school; however, it doesn’t happen that often.

now that = because (now)

Now that Theresa is 16 years old, she can drive a car.

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