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Idioms S

 Idioms S


save up = save; save money for a purpose

I’m trying to save up money for a new car.

scare away = scare; frighten

Many farmers think that a scarecrow can frighten away birds that will eat their crops.

set up = to create something, usually for a purpose.

They set their tent up outside of a wooded area.

show off = to present one’s skills or physical qualities in such a way that’s obvious; to flaunt.

He likes to show off in front of the girls when he plays soccer.

show up = arrive, go or come to a place; often used for appointments or work.

He always shows up late at meetings.

Sometimes he never shows up.

so far = up until now

They’ve only completed one wall on this house so far.

sort of = a little; in some small way

Those clouds look sort of like smoke.

I’m sort of tired. I think I’ll go to bed now.

stick with = to continue doing something; not to quit or give up

The fist bump is becoming popular in the U.S., but I think I’ll stick with the traditional handshake.


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