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Blue Level Reading Room

The Blue Level Reading Room

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simple words in Engish.

Practice reading outloud with these reading exercises:

 1. This is a family
 2. This is a young couple
 3. This is a little boy
 4. This is a young girl
 5. Bob is a businessman
 6. Jacob and Matt are studying
 7. Tom has a question
 8. Nadine is a good swimmer
 9. Jim and Darryl work together
10. Melissa had a dental appointment this morning
11. Mark is babysitting his grandson today
12. Tigist needs a new place to live. 
13. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.
14. Ming is talking on her cellphone. 
15. The weather today is very cold. 
16. Brian went to the doctor. 
17. Leonardo and Rachel each have a cat. 
18. Our neighbor just had a baby. 
19. Tony surfs all summer long. 
20. Patricia and Graciela are returning to school this week. 
21. Sharon and Bill went out for dinner. 
22. Mr. Jefferson is a math teacher. 
23. Diana works as a nurse. 
24. It snowed last night. 
25. The Winter Olympic Games happen once every four years. 
26. It’s baseball season. 
27. My son bought a goldfish. 
28. Kimberly has a pet rabbit. 
29. It rained all day today. 
30. It’s the end of the school year. 
31. Oscar took his dog for a walk. 
32. Saying goodbye  
33. We’re giving blood at our school today  

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  1. Listen to each story.
  2. Read the story outloud.
  3. Answer the questions after the story.
  4. Record your voice and listen to yourself reading.
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