22. Mr. Jefferson is a math teacher.


math teacher


assigned seats: the teacher decides where students sit in the classroom

detention: punishment for bad behavior in school.

ground: to restrict a child to the home. This is a form of punishment.

misbehave: improper activity; to behave badly

principal’s office: the place where students go when they misbehave in school. The principal of a school is similar to a dean or a headmaster.

strict: serious


Mr. Jefferson is a math teacher. He’s a good teacher, but sometimes he’s very strict. Some students really don’t like him or his class. They say he’s mean. Students have to sit in assigned seats, and no one can talk when he is talking. If someone misbehaves, he gives out a detention.

Last week, Darnesha Brown got in trouble because she didn’t do her homework. Mr. Jefferson called Darnesha’s parents to tell them what happend, and her parents grounded her for a week. The next time Mr. Brown asked Darnesha for her homework, she had it.

A few days ago, a student threw a paper airplane across the room. It hit Mr. Jefferson in the back of his head. When he turned around, he was very angry. He immediately found out who did it. It was Bobby Nelson. Mr. Jefferson sent Bobby to the principal’s office. He got into big trouble.


Now you try it. Read the paragraph above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.


 write by hand How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.

  • 1A: What subject does Mr. Jefferson teach?
  • 1B: He teaches __________.
  • 2A: What happens to students who misbehave in class?
  • 2B: Mr. Jefferson gives them a __________.
  • 3A: What happened when Darneshsa didn’t do her homework?
  • 3B: Mr. Jefferson called her ____________.
  • 4A: What did a student throw at Mr. Jefferson?
  • 4B: He threw a _________ ___________.
  • 5A: What happened to that student?
  • 5B: He was sent to the ___________ ____________.

 (Answers: 1. math; 2. detention; 3. parents; 4. paper airplane;     5.principal’s office)

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