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14 Lets Order A Pizza

14. Let’s order a pizza.





Pizza comes delivered in a box.

This is a slice of cheese pizza with green peppers.


adjust: to make changes

by far: without any doubt

footwork: the ability to use one’s feet

rejoin: to be a member of a group again

sophomore: the second year in an American high school; tenth grade

struggle: difficulty


"Let’s order a pizza," said Alice. There’s nothing to eat in the refrigerator, so …

"That’s a great idea," said Tom.

Tom called the local pizzeria. It’s his favorite place for ordering pizza.

"Luigi’s Pizza," said the woman who answered the phone.

"Hi," said Tom. "I’d like to order a large pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.

"Okay," said the woman. "Is this for pickup or delivery?"

"I’m going to pick it up," said Tom.

The woman put Tom on hold. When she returned she told him the cost of the pizza and the time it would be ready.

"That’ll be sixteen dollars and 45 cents. It’ll be ready in about 20 minutes. What’s the name for the order?"

"My name is Tom."

"Okay, Tom. Thanks for calling."

"Okay, thanks."

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