15. George is taking his employees out for lunch.




business man

George is a good boss.

a group of people

George has five employees.


bistro: a small restaurant

boss: a supervisor, manager, or owner of a company

buffet: a self-serve restaurant, usually an all-you-can-eat place

loyalty: a feeling of attachment to a person or a groiup

quarter: a three-month period. There are four quarters in a year.

reserve: to ask for something in advance

treat: to behave towards another person


George is taking his employees out for lunch today. He’s the owner of a small technology company that makes accounting software. This has been a very good quarter, so he’s taking everyone out for lunch to celebrate their recent success.

His employees had many different suggestions for places to eat. Someone suggested Thai food. Another person said he wanted Indian food. Others thought a Chinese buffet would be a good idea. In the end, they all agreed that Italian food would satisfy the greatest number of people, so George reserved a table for six at a nice Italian bistro downtown.

The people who work for George like him because he’s a good boss. He listens to their ideas. He’s considerate of their personal needs. He even asks them where they want to go for lunch! Perhaps best of all, he pays his employees well and he gives them good benefits. George knows that it’s important to treat employeees well because it increases their loyalty to the company. It’s also the right thing to do when you’re the boss.

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