16. Katie gets a tw0-week school vacation.




girl standing in snow

Katie gets two weeks off.

two girls

Katie’s sister, Cynthia, also gets time off.


board game: a game that uses a cardboard playing area, such as Monopoly, Risk, Life, etc.

break: a vacation from school or work

let out: to provide time off or to release

remain: to stay

slumber party: sleep over; to sleep at someone else’s house with friends

snowmen: snow sculptures that represent people. This is the plural form of "snowman."

timing: when something happens


Katie gets a two-week school vacation. Every year, her school lets out for two weeks at the end of December and into early January. Some schools call this a Christmas vacation; others call it a winter break.

The timing for her break was good because it snowed last week. Katie and her sister, Cynthia, have been able to go outside every day to play in the snow. They go sledding and make snowmen.

In addition to going outside, Katie likes to stay inside and play games with her friends. They play board games and video games. She also likes to read books.

This weekend Katie is going to go to a slumber party at a friend’s house and remain there overnight with eight other girls. Slumber parties are common at this time of the year because kids don’t have to wake up the next morning for school. They can stay up late, watch TV, and wake up late the next morning.

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