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Quiz 5 January 2013

Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 allow  base  doubt  enjoy hint  jail  least  new  pop  prior  rate  slight  stuff  threat  weird  

1. Our neighbors bought a brand ___________ car.

2. A ___________ cut on her arm didn’t require a bandage.

3. Those bright blue and yellow neon colors really ___________ out.

4. A serious ____________ to airline passengers resulted in a delay.

5. The postal ___________ for stamps is expected to go up soon.

6. Ed’s old man* had to spend a night in __________ for public indecency and drunkenness. How embarrassing!

7. White primer provides a good __________ coat before the first coat of paint is applied.

8. We couldn’t get close enough to shake President Obama’s hand at the rally, but at ___________ we got some pictures of him smiling at us.

9. The city won’t __________ us to raise chickens in our backyard.

10. ___________ to moving to Minnesota, Alice and Victor lived in Russia.

11. What’s all this white __________ on my shoulders?

12. You should never ___________ his determination to be successful.

13. They guy who works in this cubicle is really __________. No one really talks to him.

14. What do you __________ doing on your day off?

15. I don’t know what the answer is. Can you give me a ___________?


*old man = father


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Answers: 1. new ; 2. slight; 3. pop ; 4. threat; 5. rate ; 6. jail; 7. base; 8. least ; 9. allow; 10. Prior; 11. stuff;

12. doubt; 13. weird; 14. enjoy ; 15. hint

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