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Quiz 29 October 2014

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

ache   air     bear   bind    bite     blank     bob   bury   chew     hog   mortgage     necessary     scary   slap   spin   spooky

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1. It’s important to __________ meat completely before swallowing it.

2. Renee said that she will __________ the face of any man who is rude to her.

3. Can you help me out? I’m really in a __________.

4. When Richard saw the woman __________ in the water, he knew she needed help.

5. Please don’t be a __________. Share with other people.

6. That dog’s bark is worse than his __________. He won’t hurt you.

7. Bill and Jennifer took out a 30-year __________ when they bought their house.

8. I don’t want to go into that creepy old building. It looks too __________.

9. The pain from the toothache was too much to __________, so Ole took some painkillers.

10. Sometimes traveling by __________ is cheaper than driving.

11. It’s ___________ to get the proper documentation before entering the United States.

12. One way to get rid of garbage is to __________ it deep in the ground.

13. Drivers who aren’t careful when driving on snow and ice will __________ out of control.

14. There’s nothing on this piece of paper. It’s __________.

15. A constant _________ in the stomach should be checked out by a doctor.


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Answers: 1. chew; 2. slap; 3. bind; 4. bob; 5. pick; 6. hog; 7. mortgage; 8. scary or spooky; 9. bear; 10. air; 11. necessary; 12. bury;

13. spin; 14. blank; 15. ache

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