October 2, 2014 – Word of the Day:  slap


The word "slap" is very similar to the word "hit." It often refers to punishment. If a person does something wrong, he or she might get slapped.

  • Gloria slapped a man who said something mean about her. She slapped him in the face and it surprised everyone who saw her do it.
  • Has anyone ever slapped you in the face?
  • When I walked outside the building, the cold air slapped me in the face.
  • The judge slapped a fine on the defendant because of his misbehavior in the courtroom.
  • To all of us who worked with him on the project, our coworker’s criticism felt like a slap in the face.

You can also use the word "slap" for the application of force or sudden, strong movement:

  • Tony slapped a hundred dollars down on the bar and ordered drinks for everyone.
  • A bricklayer slaps mortar on top of bricks when building a wall.
  • A big gust of wind caused the door to suddenly slap shut.
  • The members of the team slapped Albert on the back and gave him high fives after his third homeroom of the baseball game.

man He slapped his hand to his forehead when he realized his mistake.

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