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Quiz 35 April 2015

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 aid   calm   deliver   grain   hear   lame   most   next   often   pot  

1. The sign is ____________ to the road. sign by the road

2. He can’t _________ very well out of his left ear.

3. Martha makes a __________ of coffee every morning.

4. The water is very ___________ on this river.  

5.You can__________ pizza to make extra money.

6. First __________ was available to the man immediately.

7. That is the __________ beautiful flower I have ever seen.

8.The man lay in the road, _________ and exhausted.

9. He __________ raises his hand in class.

10. Wheat is an important __________ grown in the midwest.


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Answers: 1. next; 2. hear; 3. pot; 4. calm; 5. deliver; 6. aid; 7. most; 8. lame; 9. often; 10. grain;

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