A person or a thing that is lame is weak, unoriginal, or just not very good.

  • Dan came up with a lame excuse for why he was late. (His excuse was bad, or it was obviously false.)
  • That movie was lame. (It was a bad movie. Overall, it was unoriginal and the acting was terrible.)
  • Mr. Smith’s teaching style is so lame. (It’s not interesting. It’s not effective.)
  • Todd made a lame joke about people from Tennessee, but no one laughed. (He made a stupid joke.)
  • That was a really lame answer to the question.
  • That’s so lame. (Or, "That’s so weak." Both words, "lame" and "weak" are popular, especially among young people, when describing a situation that seems false, phony, or lacking in credibility.)

The word "lame" is also used when a person is physically weakened or an animal is injured.

  • The man was shot in the leg. His leg is lame.
  • Sometimes there no other choice but to euthanize an animal that’s lame. (They animal must be killed because an injury is to severe.)
  • Weakened by hunger and fatigue, the lame traveler got off of his horse and sprawled out on a small patch of ground where he expected to die. Eventually, he was saved.

lame man

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April 12, 2015