A person who receives aid receives help.

  • To afford college, most students need some kind of financial aid. (financial help)
  • Aid was provided to a woman who lost her husband.
  • People involved in a car accident were given first aid by paramedics.
  • Rescuers came to the aid of a man who was lost in the wilderness.
  • The starving people were in need of aid.

This word can also be used as a verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • Society should aid those* who are in need of care.
  • Donations will aid those affected by the earthquake.
  • Medicine aided the people who were afflicted with the virus.
  • Family members of crash victims were aided by local residents.

A very slight difference in spelling is used when referring to a person who provides professional assistance. In this case the word "aid" has an "e" at the end of it.

  • A nurse’s aide helps nurses in a hosital.
  • A personal aide provides daily assistance to a person who is very elderly or in a wheelchair.
  • Aides to the president of a large company helps out with all sorts of small and large tasks.

Note: The word "those" is often used in place of the word "people."

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April 1, 2015