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The word of the day is...



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Students come here from all over the world!

November 2016:


Sara -- Egypt


Samiullah -- Afghanistan


Maria -- Russia


Shota -- Russia


Toma -- Azerbaijan


Tamman -- Yemen


Lara -- Russia







The word of the day is "exact."

Here are the answers to today's emailed quiz:

1. I have done a lot of work today. (do)
2. Where have you been? (be)
3. He hasn't worked in over three years. (work -- negative)
4. The students have received their grades. (receive)
5. How long has he had that cough? (have)
6. The movie hasn't finished yet. (finish - negative)
7. We have decided to move to Canada. (decide)
8. It hasn't rained here in the last month. (rain -- negative)
9. Have you ever visited Russia? (visit)
10. It has been a pleasure to meet you. (be)

The quiz was mailed to all subscribers this morning. If you haven't signed up yet to receive email from your teacher, you can do so by clicking here.

The word of the day is "grab."

The word of the day is "explain."

If you want something very much, you have a desire for it.

A woman who desires to get married will make a special effort to catch a bouquet of flowers thrown by the bride at a wedding. If she catches it, she will be the next in line to get married. Of course, this is kind of a superstitious belief, but have you ever heard of it?

The word of the day is "chance."

The word of the day is "beautiful."

Today's word of the day is "among." Use this word when describing activity or relationships within a group of three or more things or people. It's useful to contrast the word "among" with the word "between" which is used when describing two things or two people.

  • This is between you and me.
  • I count you among my many friends.
  • There's a small car parked between those two larger cars.
  • Among the cars in the parking lots are a few motorcycles.

You can learn more about the word "among" by clicking here.

The word of the day for today is "yesterday."

Thirty words that begin with the letter "n."


The word of the day is "wall."

I regularly remind students that learning English is not something that you can do quickly. For the average young person, it takes five or six years to achieve a comfortable level of confidence in speaking and writing. For older people, it can take that long or longer, depending on how much education that person received in his or her country of origin. Determination and grit count towards speeding up the process of learning English, but I am thinking of averages here. So keep working at it. Try to learn something new every day and you will reach your goals.

Here are some of my students:


The word of the day for today is "underline."

Here's a new Word of the Day quiz for November. This is quiz number 58. How many of the quizzes have you completed?

The word of the day is "take."

This is a new video that shows how to use the word "mean" when asking questions about words.


Do you ever have to use a rake for doing lawn maintenance? This is the word of the day.

man with rake

Do you have trouble describing a person's size? Learn to talk about height and weight in Yellow Level Lesson Twenty.


The word of the day is "pale."

Today Yellow Level students are studying prepositions. Here's a link to the lesson.

I also recommend that all students visit the prepositions section regularly. It takes years and years of practice and patience to figure out which preposition to use with a particular verb, adjective, or noun. The prepositions pages include audio and text examples.

The word of the day is "opinion."

This new video is for the adverb "never."


After you watch the video, you can take this quiz.

The answers for the quiz are on this page.

The word of the day is "never."

The word of the day is "maintain." I'm sorry, I have a cold today, so my voice sounds terrible.

There's a new lesson for the Green Level on stative passive verbs.

The word of the day is "lapse."

The word of the day is "jock."

For beginning students: numbers 1 -100


I don't often embed material from other websites because I want visitors who come here to stay here and improve their English, but here I'm going to include a video from Morning Joe, an MSNBC morning talk show, in order to give you a good idea of what people are thinking about the results of Tuesday's election.

All I can say today is I'm sorry. Everyone I know is deeply disappointed by the results of the election.

Today is Election Day in the United States. Our elections are always held on the first Tuesday of November, except if that Tuesday is November 1. That's why we're voting on November 8. The word of the day is "vote."

The word of the day is "grumble."

Here's a new vocabulary quiz for words that begin with the letter M.

The word of the day is "fuss." A person who makes a big fuss about something complains about it or does something to cause potential problems for other people.

In this new video are 50 words in English that begin with the letter M.


The word of the day is "danger."

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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