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The word of the day is...



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Students come here from all over the world!

August 2015:


Mahsa -- Iran


Islam -- Egypt


Huong -- Viet Nam


Nikolai -- U.S.A.


Maria -- Brazil


Rakesh -- India


Manita -- Ghana




This new YouTube video shows how the preposition "in" can be used when talking about time.

The word of the day is "immigrate."


The word of the day is "hair."

pink -haired girl She's got pink hair.

Perhaps one of the most important things that a student should learn about when studying English is understanding how and why to use the present tense. Click here for today's Blue Level Lesson.

The word of the day is "gab."

The word of the day is "fault."

Do you know the differences between the present tense and the present perfect tense? They're similar in some ways, but don't get them mixed up, especially when forming a question.

Red Level Lesson Five shows how to form questions in the present tense.

Yellow Level Lesson Five shows how to form questions in the present perfect tense.

After you take a look a look at those lessons, try this exercise:

Directions: Change the verb in parentheses according to the directions below.

In questions 1-5 use the helping verb and the main verb to form the present tense.

1. Where _______ you ________ ? (live)

2. _______ you ________  breakfast every morning? (have)

3. What ______ they _______ ? (do)

4. Where ________ he? (be)

5. How long _______ she usually ________? (sleep)

In questions 6-10 use the helping verb and the main verb to form the present perfect tense.

6. Where _______ you ________ in the last ten years? (live)

7. _______ you _______ any breakfast yet? (have)

8. What _______ they ________ so far today? (do)

9. Where _______ he _______ all day? (be)

10. How long _______ she _______? (sleep)

The answers are below.

The word of the day is "elegant."

1. do...live; 2. Do...have; 3. do...do; 4. is; 5. does...sleep; 6. have...lived; 7. Have...had;

8. have...done; 9. has...been; 10. has...slept

Have you checked the schedule of lessons on the home page today?

The word of the day is "dairy."

The word of the day is "cold."

New video:


The word of the day is "big." This is a fairly common and easy vocabulary word to understand; however, it's used in many ways that might surprise you. I recommend you listen carefully to how I use the word in each sentence.

Students advance to a new level today. Blue Level students go to the Red Level, Red Level students go to the Yellow Level, and so on.

Here's a new video that shows how the preposition "in" is used when describing a location.


The word of the day is "adopt."

Do you you know which test to take? If not, I suggest you start off with the two Blue Level tests:

Blue Level Test #1

Blue Level Test #2

The word of the day is "raise."

Students should complete the review for each level before taking the tests. Have you found the review for the level that you working on? These are the review pages for beginning level students:

Blue Level Review

Red Level Review

Yellow Level Review

The word of the day is "resolution." When you are determined to do something, you make a resolution.

Today NASA said that there exists strong evidence of water on Mars, so the word of the day is "space."

Did you get the email I sent out to you today? If not, sign up today for free emailed lessons, exercises, quizzes, and tests on the home page.

This week students finish the lessons in the levels that they are working on and then take tests. Students who do well on the tests for their levels can move forward to the next level. Students who don't do well should repeat the level that they were working on. It's okay to repeat these lessons. In fact, completing a level more than once can be very helpful.

These are the tests for each level:

Blue Level Test #1  /  Blue Level Test #2

Red Level Test #1  /   Red Level Test #2

Yellow Level Test

Green Level Test #1  /  Green Level Test #2

Purple Level Test

Orange Level Test

The Violet Level doesn't have a test -- only quizzes.

Through the tests on this website, you can determine what level you should be working in. Remember, to check your answers. The answers are online.

The word of the day is "yet."

Blue Level Lesson Twenty-six shows you how to use the verb "want" in the past tense. This is an important verb to know how to use, especially because you can use it to describe a desire that has passed.

Considering the plight of the Syrian refugees who have had to leave their homes in order to save themselves, the word of the day is "tragedy."

The word of the day is "adjust."

The word of the day is "wet."

Today's Red Level lesson on "be used to" is important to take a look at, especially if you spent any time with the lesson that I emailed to you yesterday.


The emailed lesson for today was about the use of "used to." Did you get it? If not, make sure you sign up for free lessons and updates on the home page.

There's a new Word of the Day quiz for September. Click here to give it a try.

Blue Level students learn about numbers today.

Red Level students learn about money used in the U.S.

The word of the day is "under." I realized after finishing this that there are a few other important ways to use this word, so I'll just add them in here:

  • A person who is under a lot of stress feels pressure to do something well.
  • A building is under construction as it is being built.
  • A person who can't pay his bills might be going under.
  • When a doctor performs surgery, the patient is often under anesthesia.

We're coming to the end of each level as we approach the end of the month. How are you doing so far? At the end of of the month, you will review the level that you are working on and then take a test.

The word of the day is "thirst."

The word of the day is "skinny."

This is a new video for students who want to work on pronunciation or vocabulary skills:


Red Level students learn about gerunds today. Gerunds are used in almost the same way that infinitives are used. Gerunds have "ing" endings and function as nouns:

  • I like gardening.
  • Running is good exercise.
  • She's thinking about vacationing in Europe next summer.

In the above sentences, the words "gardening," "running," and "vacationing" are gerunds.

Blue Level students learn the name of the months in Lesson Eighteen.

The word of the day is "realize."

Infinitives in English look like verb but function as nouns. In Red Level Lesson Seventeen, you'll learn what infinitives are and how to use them.

Blue Level Lesson Seventeen shows you how to describe time, day, and date.

The word of the day is "prove."

You can help refugees who are in crisis by clicking here to make a donation. Most of these people have no place to go, and if they return to Syria or Iraq, they probably won't survive.

The word of the day is "occupy."

Students studying in the Blue Level learn about possessive pronouns today.

Red Level students study conjunctions.

The word of the day is "nest."

If you didn't receive today's email, it included an exercise that matches the YouTube video that I posted yesterday. Why aren't you receiving email from your teacher? Sign up here.

Directions: Fill in the blanks for each sentence or question with the words "across" or "across from." Write your answers in your notebook. 
  write  across    across from

1. Two Syrian men swam _________ the Mediterranean.
2. There are three women sitting __________ Jose. 

3. __________ the country, students are returning to school.

4. You can buy coffee at the shop __________ the street.

5. __________ the school, there's a coffee shop.

6. Bob had a hard time getting __________ the room in the dark.

7. How do I get __________ to you the importance of this subject?

8. Cindy lives just ___________ her best friend, Nayley.

9. Who lives __________ you?

10. All __________ the world people are paying attention to the migrant crisis in Europe.

Today's word of the day is "metal."

Here's a new video that shows the differences between the prepositions "across" and "across from."


Blue Level students learn how to form questions for information today.

Red Level students learn different ways of using the word "like."

The word of the day is "lower."

The main lesson for today is on the simple past tense.

The word of the day is "kind."

The word of the day is "jeans."

Almost everyone who studies English as a second language needs practice with articles. Click here for Blue Level Lesson Ten to learn about articles a, an, and the.

After you finish the lesson, don't forget to try this quiz.

The word of the day is "I." If you need additional practice with this pronoun, go to Aqua Level Lesson Three.

The word of the day is "huge."


The present continuous tense is a very useful verb tense because it can be used for a few different reasons. Use it to talk about things that are happening now, things that are currently happening in your life, and things that happen in the future. To form the present continuous tense, use this formula:

S + (be) + main verb ing

The verb "be" changes depending on the subject, and the main verb is in the simple form:

  • I am working on my computer right now.
  • Roger is going to college and working part time.
  • We're meeting our friends later tonight.

To learn how to use the present continuous tense, click here.

The word of the day is "gigantic."

Today is a holiday in the United States. This is a workers' holiday. Schools are closed, and most businesses give their employees a day off; however, some people are still working. Hotels, restaurants, most stores, car dealerships, and grocery stores are open today.

How many different ways can you say that you don't have to go to work when there's a holiday?

  • Today is a day off.
  • I don't have to work today.
  • I don't have to go in.
  • It's a holiday.
  • It's a vacation day.
  • I get the day off.

Blue Level students don't get the day off. I highly recommend that you study Lesson Seven in the Blue Level and learn how to form the present tense. This is a very important lesson for beginning level students. Intermediate level students could also use a refresher (a review).

I updated the Photos section today. Sorry, it took a few days to get that together, but you know I like to know a person's first name and the name of the country that that person is from before posting the picture. So I have to get that information when some sends in a picture without any info. If you want to send in your photo, please do so! Email to photos@learnamericanenglishonline.com

Today students learn about the word "there." This is a very common word used to indicate locations and existence.

Are you following the sequence of lessons for the Blue Level this month? If so, I recommend that you print out this checklist and use it to monitor your progress daily.

The word of the day is "fair."

The word of the day is "essential."

Today's Blue Level lesson explains a few things about nouns and pronouns. Do you know the differences between them?

The word of the day is "decent."

Are you writing in a notebook as you use this website to learn English. I hope so!

This Think in English exercise requires you write to your answers in a notebook.

Writing is much better than clicking when learning English online.

The word of the day is "cave."

Did you receive today's email? It included an exercise for the verb "be" and the word of the day. If you aren't receiving email from your teacher, you can sign up on the home page.

I also recommend that you bookmark the home page and visit the website every day to check for lessons and new material.

Students go back to school this week, so I'm encouraging new students to start on Lesson One of the Blue Level.

Students who have been with me for awhile should move on to the next level, whatever that is. However, if you feel like you need a lot help with basic English, follow the lessons for the Blue Level this month. Even advanced level students benefit when reviewing the fundamentals of English.

The word of the day is "amount."

Remember, each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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