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The word of the day is...



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Students come here from all over the world!

May 2015:


Cynthia -- Netherlands


Pasha -- Georgia


Amila -- Bangladesh


Hector -- Colombia


Gam -- Veit Nam


Teklay -- Ethiopia


Velia -- Mexico




You can use the word "well" and a past participle as an adjective to describe the quality of a thing, a person, a place, etc. This video is the second in a series of videos for the word "well."


Summer begins this weekend in the United States with the Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a holiday on Monday. We remember people who have served and/or given their lives for their country on Memorial Day. It also provides a three-day weekend, so many people use the time for traveling on vacation.

The word of the day is "well."

I'm getting a lot of requests from students who want to talk to me one-on-one on the phone or via Skype. Just to remind everyone, the website serves primarily as a free resource for you to use when you are confused about grammar and usage, pronunciation, vocabulary, and other things related to the study of English. If you have a question about something, do a search. There are search boxes throughout the site, and they're very effective when it comes to locating particular lessons and information. You may also send a question to me through email, but there's no guarantee that I will be able to answer it as I now receive hundreds of emails daily.

The word of the day is "vent."

Here's a new Word of the Day quiz for May 2015.

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Is it toast ?


  • I usually make toast for breakfast.
  • Toast is one of the easiest things to make.
  • Eggs go well with toast.

Watch for changes to the chat page in upcoming days. I think I found something that is fun and safe for everyone to use.

The word of the day is "school."

There's a new Words that Rhyme exercise for words that rhyme with yesterday's word of the day.

Today's word of the day is "roast."

The word of the day is "pool." This is a good word to know if you enjoy recreational activities.

pool table

They're shooting pool.

The word of the day is "okay." This is a common word, but you might not now that it can be used as a noun and as a verb in addition to being used as an adjective.

Here's a new YouTube video for the word "well."


The word of the day is "narrow." This word is the opposite of "wide."

The word "minor" is used to describe a size, an amount, a degree, a category, an age, or a level. It's a very useful word that you need to learn.

The word of the day is .... lock

(Click on the image.)

There's a new Think in English exercise for the word "race."

This is a new video for the verb "have" when it is used as a helping verb:


The word of the day is "knee."  knee knee


If you are having problems viewing the website on your mobile device, let me know. I'm trying some new things with the layout on some of the pages.

The word of the day is "jinx."


There's a new reading exercise for the Yellow Level: The students were not cooperative.

The word of the day is "hook." There are many different kinds of hooks:

  • You can hang your coat on a hook.
  • You can use a hook and a worm to catch fish.
  • A hook can be a slogan or a catchy phrase.
  • Hooks are used to hold curtains in place.
  • A hook can be the curved movement that a ball takes in a sport.

A hook has this kind of a shape.

The word of the day is "grand."

The word of the day is "friend."

If you didn't receive yesterday's emailed lesson, sign up on the home page for free emailed lessons, exercises, and quizzes.

The word of the day is "exercise."

dude exercisingHe likes to exercise with weights.

How determined are you to learn English? The word "determine" is a good word to use when talking about a goal that you have:

  • Maria is determined to learn English.
  • She has determined some goals and will work to meet them.
  • Through hard word and determination, Maria will be able to achieve her dream of learning how to speak English.

The world is usually a much more peaceful place to live in when people cooperate with each other.


This new video shows how the verb "do" is used as a helping verb when making the present tense and the past tense negative. It's also used when making questions:


The word of the day is "bud."

As we begin a new month, students begin new levels or start the program as new students.

Remember to download the checklists for the level that you are working on this month. I recommend that you print out the list of lessons, exercises, quizzes, and reading exercises and mark them with a pen or pencil as they are completed.


Blue Level Checklist

Red Level Checklist

Yellow Level Checklist

Green Level Checklist

Purple Level Checklist

Orange Level Checklist

Violet Level Checklist

The word of the day is "accent."


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