Green Level

Lesson Thirteen

The Past Perfect, Passive Voice

S + (had) + been + past participle

I had been given
We had been given
You had been given
You had been given
He had been given
She had been given
They had been given
It had been given



This guitar had been tuned before I broke a string and had to tune it again.

This house had been painted pink before it was given a fresh coat of paint. Now it's blue.

blue house



These bees had been kept in a large hive before they were taken out and examined by the beekeeper.




This man had been given novocaine before the dentist started working on a cavity that needed a filling.



The past perfect passive is difficult to use. It's often okay to simply use the past tense passive instead.


For a review on the past perfect in the active voice go to this lesson in the yellow level


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