queen: a man who dresses and acts like a woman (also, drag queen).

At first Harold thought the drag queen on the corner was a woman, but then he realized it was really a man.

queer: a person who is gay; something that is unusual.

Tom thought that Reginald was only kidding when he said he was queer, but he wasn’t kidding.

quick: smart.

She’s not too quick, is she?

quick-witted: smart and able to think of funny or intelligent things to say very quickly.

Bill Maher is a quick-witted television talk-show host. Conan O’Brien is also very quick-witted.

quick and dirty: fast but not high quality.

George Bush’s approach to combating terrorism in the world has been quick and dirty without considering the consequences of world opinion.

quick-fix: a fast approach to solving a problem, sometime it’s only temporary.

Tax rebates are a quick fix for helping the economy, but in the long-term Americans have to learn how to save more money.

quickie: something that happens very quickly, sometimes a drink, a game, or a sexual experience.

Let’s go into Hannigan’s for a quickie before going home. (an alcoholic drink)

quits: to stop doing something.

She doesn’t know when to call it quits. Instead, she works long hours at the expense of her social life.

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