x-rated: sexually explicity; lewd behavior.

She was paid a lot of money to appear in an x-rated movie.

Xmas: Christmas.

We wish you a merry Xmas.

yack: talk nonstop.

It’s hard to concentrate when someone’s yacking on their cell phone.

yes man: a person who always answers "yes" to his or her boss; a person who agrees with a supervisor.

A strong leader is one who doesn’t surround himself with yes men.

yikes: wow! look out!

Yikes! Look at our electric bill for the month!

you betcha: yes; that’s right; you’re welcome.

A: Thanks for helping me.

B: You betcha.

you-know-what: something you don’t want to say the name of; a substitute for a vulgar word.

She was dancing when her you-know-whats popped out of her blouse .

yo-yo: a stupid person; someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The yo-yo who gave me my prescription made a mistake.

yuck: a word used to describe something that you really don’t like–similar to "ick."

A: Do you want some of this boiled spinach?

B: Yuck! No thanks. I hate spinach.

yuppie: young urban professional; a young person who makes a lot of money and usually lives in the city.

The Yuppies moving into our neighborhood are causing an increase in the cost to rent an apartment.

zilch: nothing; zero.

Thelma thought she was going to get a good tip from the table she served, but they left her with zilch.

zit: a pimple of the face; a blemish.

Joe decided not to go to school yesterday because a giant zit suddenly erupted on his nose.

zombie: a person who is incapable of concentration because of fatigue; a movie character who dies, comes back to life, and then tries to eat people.

If I don’t get at least eight hours of sleep, I’m a zombie the next day.

zoned out: unable to concentrate.

George zoned out through most of the meeting.

zonk out: to fall asleep; to go to sleep quickly and deeply.

After 12 hours of work, Tina zonked out as soon as she got home.

zoo: a situation that is out of control; chaos.

When the teacher left the classroom, it suddenly turned into a zoo.

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