Pronoun Review


write Choose from among these pronouns to complete each paragraph. There’s nothing to click on. You must write the entire paragraph in your notebook!

Exercise A.

he  he’s  him   his   himself

fisherman Jeff

    Jeff goes fishing every weekend. ___(1.)___ likes to go with ____(2.)___ brother. When ___(3.)____ was a boy, ____(4.)____ uncles took him fishing and showed ____(5.)____ everything ___(6.)____ needed to know about the sport. Now ____(7.)____ teaches ____(8.)____ new things about fishing. ___(9.)___ very good at it, and Jeff is proud of ____(10.)____ for that reason.

Exercise B.

she  her   hers   herself

ballerina  Laurie

    Laurie is a ballerina. ____(1.)____ practices every day. ___(2.)___ sister also dances ballet and sometimes they dance together. Laurie pushes ____(3.)____ to be the best dancer that ____(4.)____ can be. ____(5.)____ practice routine is very difficult, but ____(6.)____ likes it. Laurie doesn’t have ____(7.)____ own car to get to the dance studio, so sometimes __(8.)___ sister lends her ____(9.)____ if Laurie goes to the studio by ____(10.) _____.

Exercise C.

they  them  their  theirs   themselves

a family of three

    A very nice family lives in a house across the street. ____(1.)___ bought ____(2.)___ house last year. ___(3.)___ real estate agent showed ____(4.)____ several houses before ____(5.)_____ decided that the house was right for ____(6.)______. The father’s name is David, the mother’s name is Sheila, and ____(7.)___ daughter’s name is Beth. ____(8.)____ are happy to have a house that’s ____(9.)____. Next year they plan to paint it, and they will do the work ____(10.)____.

Exercise D.

I  me  my  mine  myself

Your picture

goes here.

  ____(1.)____ want to improve ____(2.)____ English. ____(3.)____ teacher helps ____(4.)_____ in class and ____(5.)____ study every night by ____(6.)____ at home. The teacher’s goal is to teach ____(7.)____ new words and language skills, and _____ (8.)____ goal is to speak English fluently. His goals are similar to ____(9.)_____, but some things I have to figure out for ____(10.)____.

Exercise E.

you  you’re  your  yours  yourself

A picture of

an old friend

goes here.

  ____(1.)____ and I had so much fun together when we were younger. ____(2.)____ lived down the street and we often played in ____(3.)_____ backyard. It was always fun whether we played at my house or ____(4.)____ Do you remember when ____(5.)____ hurt ____(6.)_____ on the swings? We had to bring ____(7.)____ to the hospital because you broke ____(8.)____ leg. ____ (9.)____ one of my oldest friends, and I miss ____(10.)____ very much.

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