Last week I took a trip to Chicago. The city is famous for many things, especially the skyline formed by the skyscrapers that dominate the downtown.

One of the newest additions to downtown Chicago is Millennium Park. It’s very close to Lake Michigan and it features some beautiful sculpture and open spaces. This is a popular destination for tourists.

In the summer Crown Fountain surprises visitors with a constant flow of water on the plaza and pictures of Chicago residents projected onto two large obelisks. On the day I took this picture, the fountain wasn’t running, but you can get an idea of what if might be like on a hot summer day:

I stayed at the Palmer House for a few nights. This is a very famous hotel located in the center of the downtown.

The interior of the Palmer House is beautifully ornate. Many people come by to take pictures or hangout in the lobby.

Pictures of celebrities who have stayed at the Palmer House line the hallways of the hotel. This is a picture of Jerry Lewis:

Whenever I travel, I bring along a laptop so that I can update the website. The word of the day on this day was "book." You can hear background noises from the hotel lobby if you listen very carefully to the audio for this word.

Along the Chicago River you’ll see some of the most famous examples of early and mid 20th century architecture for which the city is so famous. In the middle of this picture there’s the Chicago Tribune Tower. (It has the flag on top). I worked on the tenth floor of that building in the mid 1980s selling classified ads and taking the daily death notices.

While walking along Michigan Avenue with my nephew, who happens to be attending school in Chicago, we came upon a magician who was doing tricks. Click here for the video.

A good friend of mine recently opened up a hair salon in Lincoln Park, which is just north of downtown. He and his wife own the salon together and work together every day. Isn’t that nice? They’re very good at what they do. If you’re ever in town, stop in.

Whenever I’m in Chicago, I go to Devon Avenue. Up and down the street are Indian and Pakistani shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. It feels like you are in another part of the world when you go here.

We stopped at a store….

….and got some Samosas. Hmmmm…. And look at how cheap they are–$1.79 for two. What a great deal!

The neighborhood I used to live in is called Lakeview. This is a nightclub that I went to frequently to see bands perform and dance into the wee hours of the night.

The neighborhood is also referred to as Wrigleyville because the Chicago Cubs, a baseball team, play in this stadium.

If you ever want to visit a great American city, go to Chicago. It’s the third largest city in the United States after New York and Los Angeles, but it’s not too touristy and the prices for just about everything are very reasonable.

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