The word of the day is "call." Thanks to Srinivas for the suggestion. How did I miss that one?

call  I have to make a phone call.

The word of the day is "meal."

meal meal = large amount of food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

There’s a new reading exercise for the Yellow Level: Sylvia wants to buy a used car.

The word of the day is "concern."

New video: 50 words that begin with the letter H


The word of the day is "temper."

The word of the day is "excite."

excited man

His school vacation has just begun. He’s so excited!

Hillary Clinton picked Tim Caine, a U.S. Senator from Virginia to be her running mate. Good pick!

The preposition "on account of" is similar to "because of."

The word of the day is "woman." If you have trouble with the pronunciation of the singular or the plural form of this word, I recommend that you listen to this.

There’s a new Word of the Day quiz for July 2016.

Today’s word is "relative." Are you paying attention to the Word of the Day section every day?

Did you get my email today? If not, it included an exercise for choosing the correct pronoun. I recommend that you sign up to receive emailed lesson and exercises from your teacher. Here is an example of what you missed:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Understanding the use of pronouns in English requires regular practice, so I’ve come up with an exercise for you to try here.

Directions: Choose the correct pronoun for each sentence or question. Write your answers in your notebook. hand writing

1. She’s getting (her / hers) car fixed.
2. I have my book. Do you have (your / yours)?
3. They finished the work all by (themselves / theirselves).
4. Do you remember when you and (me / I) were younger?
5. There’s not much of a difference between (he / him) and (she / her).
6. He likes all of (his / he’s) classes this semester.
7. Where are (your / yours) children?
8. Maria says that the decision is (her / hers).
9. We bought (us / ourselves) a new car.
10. I’ll give (you / yours) a little more time on the assignment.

How well did you do? The answers are below.

If you think you need more practice with pronouns, go to these lessons:
Blue Level Lesson Four: nouns and pronouns
Blue Level Lesson Fourteen: possessive adjectives
Blue Level Lesson Fifteen: possessive pronouns
Red Level Lesson Twenty: reflexive pronouns

1. her; 2. yours; 3. themselves; 4. I; 5. him, her; 6. his;

7. your; 8. hers; 9. ourselves; 10. you


The word of the day is "people."

God rest the souls of the people who were killed in Nice today.


The word of the day is "gentleman." Use this word when talking about a man or when addressing a group of men.

The word of the day is "family."

Every now and then it’s necessary for me to remind students that this website is intended for students who are willing to study hard and study independently. Despite other websites that tell you it’s easy to learn English, I can assure you that it is not easy. It requires sacrifice, self-discipline, and the right amount of motivation to succeed.

It’s also important to mention that this website is mostly intended for beginning and intermediate level learners of English. I am working on a new website for more advanced students, but it’s not quite ready to be released.

The word of the day is "brother."

The word of the day is "father."

The word of the day is "mother."

This new video explains how perfect verb tenses are formed:


The word of the day is "girl."

Today we celebrate Independence Day and commemorate 240 years of separation from England.

The word of the day is "child."

The word of the day is "boy." This represents basic English vocabulary, but there are some uses for this word that might surprise you and with which you should be familiar.


A student emailed and asked for audio to be added to the preposition "underneath." If you want audio to be added to any of the pages you see on the website, just let me know!

The word of the day is "adult."

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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