Lesson Seven, Part 2

Questions in the Present Tense

To make a question in the present tense, use the helping verbs do or does. In the chart below, the main verb is “walk.” For questions, the main verb remains in the simple form.

Do I walk?
Do we walk?
Do you walk?
Do you walk?
Does he walk?
Does she walk?
Does it walk?
Do they walk?


Do you walk to school?

Does she walk to school?

Do students in your city walk to school?


Present tense questions require the helping verb and the main verb–except when the main verb is “be.” (See Blue Level Lesson Three.) Note the helping verb, do or does, changes with the subject.

Here are some present tense questions

for the verb “drive.”


Do I drive?


teacher paul driving


Do you drive?




Does he drive?




Does she drive?




Does it drive?




Do we drive?


 teacher paul driving a car  I


 yanira  you


Do you drive?




Do they drive?


business meetingi

Questions in the Present Tense – Negative

do + subject + not + verb


Do I not drive?
Do we not drive?
Do you not drive?
Do you not drive?
Does he not drive?
Do they not drive?
Does she not drive?
Does it not drive?


don’t + subject + verb


doesn’t + subject + verb

(This form is much more popular!)


Don’t I drive?
Don’t we drive?
Don’t you drive?
Don’t you drive?
Doesn’t he drive?
Don’t they drive?
Doesn’t she drive?
Doesn’t it drive?


1.  ________ he _________ breakfast? (eat)

2.  ________ the car _________? (run)

3.  ________ you __________ time? (have)

4.  ________ it ________ cold here? (get)

5.  ________ you ________ cold? (feel — negative)

6.  ________ the students _________ books? (have)

7.  ________ we _________ early tomorrow? (leave)

8.  ________ this _________ good? (taste — negative)

9.  ________ Maria _________ English? (speak)

10. ________ I __________ you? (know — negative)

answers below

Click here for a quiz on present tense questions.

Remember to keep track of your progress with this checklist.

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 Answers: 1. Does….eat; 2. Does….run; 3. Do….have; 4. Does….get;

5. Don’t ….feel; 6. Do….have; 7. Do….leave; 8. Doesn’t ….taste; 9. Does….speak;

10. Don’t….know