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Blue Level Quiz #6 – Articles (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank space with the correct article: “a” or “the”

1. The coffee I made isn’t very good.

2. I need to buy a new car. (any car)

3. I can’t see the sun.

4. This is the first time for me.

5. Do you want to see a movie today? (any movie)

6. Mary goes to a very good school.

7. I put gas into the car.  (my car / my family’s car)

8. The bus that I take every day stops right here.

9. That is a very large truck.

10. Some of the apples I got at the store are bad.


Part B.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “a” or “an.”

1. She saw a friend in class.

2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

3. My teacher has a big classroom.

4. Jose drives an hour to and from work every day.

5. Is that a fresh apple, or is it an old apple?

Part B (continued)

6. That is a good way to learn English.

7. Christine is an honest person.

8. We once owned a house in Minneapolis.

9. Do you want to take an English class?

10. There’s a cracked egg in the egg carton.

Part C.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “the” or “–” (nothing). Some of these sentences don’t require “the.” (10 points)

1. There was a lot of rain last night. (no article)

2. The rain came down hard last night.

3. The history of Mexico is very interesting.

4. I like to study history. (no article)

5. The medicine I took is making me dizzy.

6. I got some medicine at the store. (no article before medicine)

7. They used to live in the United States.

8. The city of Chicago is very big.

9. I like to study English. (no article)

10. The English language is very difficult.

(*Remember that some words in some situations don’t use an article)


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