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Blue Level Quiz #8 – Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

Part A. – Possessive Adjectives

Directions: Use the correct possessive adjective. The subject in each sentence will help you with your decision. (20 points)

1. I have a computer on _________ desk.

2. You have a computer on _________ desk.

3. He likes to play with _________ dog.

4. We don’t know __________ neighbors very well.

5. The cat doesn’t like __________ food.

6. The students left _________ classroom very quickly.

7. You all have __________ own ideas about politics.

8. I really want to see __________ friends this weekend.

9. They spend __________ money on junk.

10. Robert is very happy with __________ new job.

11. Mary thinks __________ apartment is too small.

12. Where are you going on __________ vacation?

13. The city has _________ own fire department.

14. You and I are having lunch with _________ teacher.

15. Did you finish __________ work on time?

16. Jim and Sal love __________ new house.

17. Can I have __________ car back, please?

18. John can’t fix __________ sink.

19. Does Martha have ___________ keys?

20. We should bring __________ coats to the game.

Part B. – Possessive Pronouns

Directions: Write the correct possessive pronoun in the blank space following each sentence or question. (10 points)

Example: This pen is her pen.   hers 

1. This classroom is my classroom. __________

2. Are these books your books? ____________

3. He has his own car and I have my own car. _________

4. Her English is good, and his English is good too. ________

5. I think this money is her money. __________

6. Your children are smart, and so are our children. _________

7. Our work is finished; their work isn’t. ___________

8. Those tickets are his tickets. ___________

9. Your garden looks great, but my garden doesn’t. _________

10. Her song was good, and I liked your song, too. _________

Part C. Fill out the chart below with the correct possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. (10 points if all are correct)

Possessive Adjective
Possessive Pronoun

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