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Blue Level Quiz #9 – Have

Part A. – Statements and Negative Statements

Directions: Fill in the blank with have, has, doesn’t have, or don’t have. (20 points)

1. He has a very good job.

2. She doesn’t have a car. (negative)

3. I don’t have much time today. (negative)

4. The students have their books.

5. The cat has enough food.

6. My car doesn’t have any gas. (negative)

7. You have a lot of work to do.

8. We don’t have any milk. (negative)

9. The government has thousands of employees.

10. Maria has a new computer.

11. I usually have two cups of coffee every morning.

12. They don’t have any water. (negative)

13. The house doesn’t have a phone (negative)

14. Maria and John have a lot of fun when they are together.

15. You don’t have any work to do. (negative)

16. The police have someone in the back seat of their car.

17. Arthur has his paycheck.

18. My daughter’s teacher has seven children.

19. I have a toothache.

20. He never has any problems.

Part B. – Questions

Directions: Fill in the blank spaces to make questions with do, does, or have. (10 points)

1. When do you have your next class?

2. Does she have a guitar?

3. Do I have my keys and my wallet?

4. Why does he have that ugly shirt on?

5. How do they have time to get their work finished?

6. What time does Maria have her appointment?

7. Does the house have three bedrooms?

8. Where do we have our candles?

9. Does the dog have a collar?

10. Do elephants have big ears?

Part C. Conjugate the verb have in the present tense. (5 points if all are correct)

I have
We have
You have
You have
He has 
She has
They have
It has 


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