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Blue Level Pretest – verbs: singular or plural

Singular or Plural: present tense

Directions: Choose the correct verb for each sentence or question in the present tense or present continuous tense.

1. There  are a lot of things to do at the park. (is / are)

2. The children  like  going to the beach. (likes / like)

3. This chicken  costs  six dollars per pound. (costs / cost)

4. How many people  do  you know here? (does / do)

5. Who  does  your hair? (does / do)

6. The groundskeeper  cuts  the grass every Monday. (cuts / cut)

7. Who  do  they work for? (does / do)

8. Sally  gets  her bagels at a deli across the street. (gets / get)

9. Asparagus  is  expensive at this time of year. (is / are)

10. The eggs laid by our chickens in the backyard  taste  taste. (tastes / taste)

11. The milk  tastes  like it’s starting to go bad. (tastes / taste)

12. Several deer in the woods  are hiding from the hunters. (is / are)

13. How many potatoes  does she need for the soup? (does / do)

14. The air in these tires  escapes  very slowly. (escapes / escape)

15. The instructor  fails  to understand how difficult this material  is . (fails / fail; is / are)

16. We regularly  visit  this museum. (visits / visit)

17. The workers in the cafeteria  have  coffee ready by 6 a.m. (has / have)

18. The cafeteria also  has  fresh donuts. (has / have)

19. Where  are  Belinda and Roger living nowadays? (is / are)

20. The snow  is  coming down faster and accumulating quickly. (is / are)