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Blue Level Quiz #10 (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence in the past tense with the verb “be.” Remember how the verb “be” changes. (10 points)

1. She was in school yesterday. (be)

2. They were at the store. (be)

3. There was a good movie on TV last night. (be)

4. Vindu and Anna were here last night. (be)

5. You and I were in the classroom this morning. (be)

6. Last night I was very tired. (be)

7. There were many people at the rally. (be)

8. The restaurant was busy on the weekend. (be)

9. The offices were closed. (be)

10. You were a good soccer player ten years ago. (be)

Part B.

Directions: Complete each question in the past tense with the verb “be.” (10 points)

1. Were the store employees helpful?

2. Was I helpful?

3. Was she here last February?

4. Was it a bad accident?

5. Was there anything to eat at the party?

6. Was a doctor available?

7. Were they good apples?

8. Were there a lot of people at the beach?

9. Were we here before?

10. Was the woman interested in the movie?

Part C.

Directions: Complete each sentence in the past tense with the verb “be” in the negative form. Use “not” in the form of a contraction: wasn’t / weren’t

1. He wasn’t at work on Monday.

2. It wasn’t a difficult test.

3. The government wasn’t very good five years ago.

4. You weren’t in love with her.

5. I wasn’t online last night.

6. The performers weren’t very funny.

7. The protester wasn’t hurt.

8. There weren’t any strawberries in the garden.

9. That wasn’t a good book.

10. The leaders of the organization weren’t in jail.

Part D.

Conjugate the verb “be” in the past tense.


I was
We were
You were
You were
He was
She was
They were
It was
Part E.

Write two sentences using the verb “be” in the past tense (2 points)




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