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Blue Level Quiz #16 – The Past Tense (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each question and answer with the correct form of the verb in the past tense. Use the same verb for the question and the answer. (20 points)

1. A: Where ____did___ he _____go____? (go)

 B:  He ____went____ to work.

2. A: Where ___did_____ they ____live____ last year? (live)

 B: They ___lived_____ in Latvia.

3. A: __Did_____ the jacket ___cost____ a lot of money? (cost)

 B: No, it ___didn’t____ ____cost____ very much.

4. A: How many people ____did___ you ___see____ there? (see)

 B: We __saw____ a couple dozen people.

5. A: __Did_____ your class ____end____ early? (end)

 B: Yes, it ___ended_____ at 9:45 instead of at 10.

6. A: What time ___did____ you ____go____ to sleep? (go)

 B: I ___went_____ to sleep around midnight.

7. A: Who ____called_____ you? (call)

 B: Angela ____called_____ me.

8. A: Who ____did____ you ____call____? (call)

 B: I ____called_____ my friend, Ted.

9. A: How much rain ____fell____ yesterday? (fall)

 B: Almost two inches ___fell_____ during the day.

10. A: How much snow ___did_____ we ___get____? (get)

 B: We ____got____ about two inches.

Part B.

Directions: Each sentence below is in the present tense. Rewrite each sentence and question in the past tense on the line provided. (10 points)

1. How do you feel?

 How did you feel?

2. Does Bill like the pizza?

 Did Bill like the pizza?

3. That goes over there.

 That went over there.

4. How much is it?

How much was it?

5. Do you pay your bills on time?

 Did you pay your bills on time?

6. They like the movie.

 They liked the movie.

7. Who works with you?

 Who worked with you?

8. She gets up at 5:00.

 She got up at 5:00.

9. The mail doesn’t arrive until 3:00.

 The mail didn’t arrive until 3:00.

10. Who reads the newspaper?

  Who read the newspaper?


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