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Blue Level Quiz #21 – numbers

Directions: Use the correct form of the number for each sentence or question. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. We went to Florida for the first time. (one / first)

2. She turns thirteen next week. ( thirteen / thirteenth)

3. The runner finished in second place. (two / second)

4. I’ve already reminded you three times. (three / third)

5. They celebrate the holiday on the ninteenth of January. (nineteen / nineteenth)

6. This is his twentieth year at that company. (twenty / twentieth)

7. Please, for the hundredth time, stop fighting! (hundred / hundredth)

8. The team scored only one point in the second quarter. (one / first)

9. This quiz is worth twenty points. (twenty / twentieth)

10. Their daughter is five years old. (five / fifth)

11. Jeremy is in his fourth year in college. (four / fourth)

12. Mary had her third child last year. (three / third)

13. The nineteenth century was an interesting time in England. (nineteen / nineteenth)

14. May I have a second helping of food, please? (two / second)

15. The Prime Minister of England lives at 10 Downing Street. (10 / 10th)

16. You will only get one warning before you get a ticket. (one / first)

17. Bob and Linda will celebrate forty years of marriage this weekend. (forty / fortieth)

18. There are thirty-one days in January. (thirty-one / thirty-first)

19. The last day of the month of January is the thirty-first. (thirty-one / thirty-first)

20. A three-hour movie can be hard to sit through unless it’s very interesting. (three / third)


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