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Blue Level Quiz #22 – Present Tense Questions (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Create present tense questions by filling in the blanks. The main verb is provided. (10 points)

1. Does she like school? (like)

2. Do you have a job? (have)

3. Is that your house? (be)

4. Why does my stomach hurt? (hurt)

5. How many apples does she need? (need)

6. Where do you do your shopping? (do)

7. What does Tom do at work? (do)

8. Is the asparagus fresh? (be)

9. What time do they wake up? (wake up)

10. How much does the watermelon cost? (cost)


Part B.

Directions: Rewrite each sentence so that if forms a question. Some questions are “yes-no” questions. Some questions are information questions. (15 points)

Example: Maria eats spinach. / Does Maria eat spinach?

1. The dog needs to go out.

 Does the dog need to go out?

2. The blanket has a hole in it.

 Does the blanket have a hole in it?

3. This car saves on gas.

  Does this car save on gas?

4. Oscar has four potatoes.

How many potatoes does Oscar have?

(continued above)

Part B. (continued)

5. The tank is empty.

 Is the tank empty?

6. Something stinks.

 What stinks?

7. I need something.

 What do you need? or What do I need?

8. The water looks dirty.

 How does the water look?

9. The lettuce is on sale.

 Is the lettuce on sale?

10. Their family goes on vacation every summer.

 When does their family go on vacation?

11. It’s hot in the summer.

 When is it hot?

12. The office has the information.

 Does the office have the information?

13. Rhonda does her grocery shopping after work.

When does Rhonda do her grocery shopping?

14. Donald lies.

 Why does Donald lie?

15. The kids drink milk.

 What do the kids drink?