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Blue Level Quiz #23 – Prepositions

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank space with a preposition. Choose from among these words (15 points):

about / among / between / from / of / out / until

(20 points)

1. Don’t tell anyone. This is between you and me.

2. Peter just returned from Germany.

3. Did you hear about the earthquake in Iran?

4. These shoes are made of leather.

5. Please take out the trash.

6. Among the three candidates, who is the best?

7. Sarah received a package from her aunt.

8. Everyone is talking about the storm.

9. Snow falls from clouds.

10. We can’t wait until we go on vacation.

11. Put the meat and the cheese between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich.

12. Have they learned nothing from their experience?

13. Please wait to board the bus until the other passengers have exited.

14. The hunter shot the rabbit right between the eyes.

15. When your time runs out, you’ll have to stop.

Part B.

Directions: In American English, it’s common to end a sentence or question with a preposition. Choose from among these words when filling in the blank. (15 points)

about / at / for / on / to / up / with

1. What is that movie about?

2. What are you staring at?

3. What did you do that for?

4. Who are you talking to?

5. We’re going to a movie.

 Do you want to come with?

6. Christmas is a holiday we look forward to.

7. Time’s up. The test is finished.

8. Money is something that they worry about.

9. What do the letters “N.A.S.A.” stand for?

10. Barack Obama is someone we look up to.

11. We need a new mattress to sleep on.

12. A contract is a promise that you agree to.

13. His opinions are very conservative.

 He’s not someone I can agree with.

14. Is that the building you work at?

15. What are you saving your money for?