Review (ANSWERS)


Use the correct verb:  

1. She ____is_____ a mother. (be)

 2. She ____has_____ a baby. (have)

 3. Her baby ____is____ asleep. (be)

 4. They ____are____ together. (be)

 5. Her husband __has__ a job. (have)

 6. He __isn’t___ there. (be — negative)

 7. They __have___ a nice family. (have)

mother and child

Use the correct verb for these questions:

 8. _Are___ they outside? (be)

 9. _Is____ it the weekend? (be)

10. __Do____ they __spend__ a lot of time together? (spend)

11. __Does___ he __have___ time to be with his children? (have)

father and son

Use the correct pronoun:

 12. __He____ is a student. (boy)

 13. __She____ is a student, too. (girl)

 14. Their parents send _them___ to a good school. (boy and girl)

 15. _They___ like to go to school. (boy and girl)

16. Their school is near their home.  ___It___ is a good school.

17. She has a lot of books.  _They_ are in her backpack.


Use the correct possessive adjective:

 18. __Her___ vacation starts in June.  (girl)

 19. When does _your___ vacation start?  (you)

 20. ___My ___ vacation is in August.  ( I )


Use the correct possessive pronoun:

 21. My sweatshirt is green.  _His__ is gray. (boy)

 22. His books are in his hands. __Mine__ are on my desk. ( I )

 23. Our school is close. _Theirs__ is far away. (a group, plural for "he" and "she")

 24. My class starts at 7:30. When does _yours__ start? (you)

 25. Their school isn’t open today, but __ours__ is. (you + I )


Use "there" and the verb "be" in the present tense:

 26. How many sailboats __are___ __there__?

 27. __There__ _are__ two sailboats.

 28. __Are___ _there___ any clouds in the sky?

 29. No, _there___ __aren’t__.

 30. It looks like __there___ __is__ a race today.


Use "this," "that," "these," or "those."

 31. __This__ man is a hunter. (close)

 32. He’s shooting at __those___ ducks. (far)

 33. __This __ is duck-hunting season. (now)

34. _Those___ forest rangers over there checked his hunting license. (far)

man shooting

Use the correct verbs for the present tense:

 35. When ___do___ you __go___ to work in the morning? (go)

 36. What time __does___ your wife ___leave___ for work? (leave)

 37. How often ___does___ the train ___come__? (come)

 38. How many people ___are___ on the train? (be)


Use the correct verbs for the present continuous tense:

 39. What ___is___ he __doing___? (do)

 40. He ___is___ ___using__ a chainsaw. (use)

 41. What ___are___ his coworkers __doing__? (do)

 42. They _are_ _helping__ him. (help)

main cutting wood

Use the correct article (or no article):

 43. She has ___a___ new bike.

 44. __The___ bike is purple.

 45. She has ______ fun riding her bike. (no article)

 46. She lives on ___a___ street without ___a__ lot of traffic.

 47. __The___ other streets nearby have too much _____ traffic. (no article)

girl on bike

Use the correct preposition:

 48. She lives ___in___ Chicago.

 49. She lives ___on___ Clark Street.

 50. She’s talking ___on___ the phone.

 51. She’s a little mad ___at___ her boyfriend.

 52. She’s not happy ___with__ him.

woman on cellphone

Use the past tense:

 53. __Did___ you ____eat____ some of this watermelon? (eat)

 54. Yes, I ___took_____ a bite. (take)

 55. How ___was_____ it? (be)

 56. It ___wasn’t____ very good. (be — negative)


Use the past tense:

 57. What __did___ they ___do____ yesterday? (do)

 58. They __played____ hockey. (play)

 59. __Did___ they ___have___ a good time? (have)

 60. Yes, they __did____.

hockey players

Use information words to make questions (who, what, where, when, or why):

 61. __Who__ are they? (people)

 62. __Where___ do they work? (location)

 63. __When__ do they take a break? (time)

 64. __Why___ are they talking together? (reason)


Use "how often," "how much," or "how many" for each question:

 65. __How___ __much__ time does she have to exercise?

 66. __How___ __many__ different exercises does she do?

 67. __How___ __often__ does she go to the gym?

 68. __How__ __many__ people does she know at the gym?

woman exercising

 Use the correct words to complete each question and answer:

 69. A: How often __does___ he ride his bike to work? (present tense)

 70. B: He rides __every___ day of the week, Monday through Friday.

 71. A: __What__ time does he leave in the morning?

 72. B: He leaves ___at___ 8:00 in the morning.

man on bike

Use "can" or "can’t" and the main verb for each sentence:

 73. __Can___ he __ride___ a skateboard? (ride)

 74. Yes, he __can___.

 75. __Can___ he __play__ the piano? (play)

 76. No, he ___can’t___.


Use the correct words to complete each question and answer:

 77. ___What__ __kind__ of skills do you have?

 78. I ___can__ ___use___ a computer. (use)

 79. __How__ __fast__ can you type? (Describe speed)

 80. I __can__ __type___ 40 words per minute.

hands typing

Use "have to" and the main verb to complete each question and answer:

 81. What ___do__ they __have__ ___to____ __do__? (do)

 82. They __have__ __to__ __prepare__ for a new baby. (prepare)

 83. What __does__ he __have__ __to__ __do__? (do)

 84. He __has___ __to__ __help__ his wife. (help)

 85. __Does__ she __have__ __to__ ___go__ to work? (go)

 86. No, she ___doesn’t__. She can stay home.

couple expecting

Use the correct verbs to make the present tense:

 87. __Does__ she __know__ how to swim? (know)

 88. No, she ___doesn’t___.

 89. What __does___ she ___do___ on the weekend? (do)

 90. She __takes___ swimming lessons. (take)

girl in pool

Use the correct word to complete each sentence or question:

 91. How __much__ work does she do every day?

 92. She ___does___ a lot of work. (present tense)

 93. __Did__ she do any work yesterday? (past tense)

 94. No, she ___didn’t___. (past tense)

 95. __Does__ she __have__ a good job? (have — present tense)

 96. Yes, she ___does__.

woman on computer

Use the correct word to complete each sentence:

 97. The __first__ month of the year is January.

 98. The ___last__ month of the year is December.

 99. __There__ ___are__ twelve months in a year.

 100. __My_ favorite month is __October____. (What do you say? Which is your favorite month?)


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