simplepastpast particple


Present Tense: read / reads

He reads a lot of books in his classes.

Present Continuous Tense:

He’s reading a book.

Past Tense: read

He read a book last week.

Did he read his assignment for class?  


Infinitive: He wants to read the newspaper.


Ahmed wants to read the newspaper.

Gerund: Reading an American or British newspaper every day will help improve your English.


Directions: Write the correct form of the verb "read" according to the verb tense requested:

1. She __________ every day. (present tense)

2. ________ you _________ any good books lately? (present perfect tense)

3. The students ________ _________ aloud in class. (present continuous tense)

4. ________ you __________ the homework assignment? (past tense)

5. Do you know how ________ _________ in English? (infinitive)

Answers are below.

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Answers: 1. reads; 2. Have….read; 3. are reading; 4. Did….read; 5. to read