simplepastpast participle


Present Tense: speak / speaks

He speaks English really well.

How well do you speak English?

Present Continuous Tense: (be) speaking

He’s speaking into a microphone.

He’s speaking in front of a large audience.

Past Tense: spoke

He spoke to a large group of students.

Infinitive: It’s necessary to speak English at work.


Marcos Marcos wants to speak English with other people.

Gerund: Speaking English is necessary for many people who want to be successful in business.

Practice:  write

Directions: Write the correct form of the verb "speak" according to the verb tense requested:

1. Do you know how _______ __________ English? (infinitive)

2. Maria __________ with her teacher. (past tense)

3. Someone ________ __________ on a cellphone. (present continuous tense)

4. What language _________ you __________? (present tense)

5. He __________ very clearly. (present tense)

Answers are below.

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Answers: 1. to speak; 2. spoke; 3. is speaking; 4. do….speak; 5. speaks