1. How did you learn how to cook? Did someone teach you or did you learn all by yourself? How long did it take you to learn? If you never learned how to cook, can you explain why it’s an important skill to learn?




2. What is the easiest thing that you know how to make? What’s the most difficult?




3. What kinds of food would you like to learn how to cook? Is there a type of ethnic food that you are curious about? Mexican? Italian? Indian? Chinese? Vietnamese? American?




4. What are some common ways of preparing food in the country that you come from that are different from the preparation of food in the United States? For example, are there special ovens, appliances, utensils, etc. that you use?




5. What are some things that people do in the kitchen to be safe? List at least five things a person can do to avoid injury.




6. How can you or anyone else learn how to become a better cook? List all the different resources that people use for improving their cooking skills.