A "preference" is something that you like more than another thing. In this conversation exercise, you’ll talk about things that you like and things that you don’t like.


1. What kinds of food do you like? What kinds of food do you dislike? Is there any kind of food that you really hate to eat?



2. What are your favorite forms of entertainment? (movies, TV, radio, music, reading) Describe your favorite programs, music, movies, etc.



3. What kinds of clothes do you prefer to wear? Describe the things you wear at home or what you wear when you want to feel comfortable–not work clothes.




4. What is your favorite color? Is there a reason it’s your favorite? Also, do you have a lucky number? What is it?



5. What is your favorite season? Why do you like it more than the other seasons?



6. What are the things that you like to do the most? Describe these activities.