1. How do you try to solve a problem? Is there someone you talk to ? Is there a book that you go to for help? Do you go online? Is there a spiritual guide (religion) that helps you? What do you do?




2. Describe a problem you had as a child. Did anyone help you solve the problem, or did you take care of the problem by yourself? Was the problem ever solved? If yes, how was it solved?




3. Describe a small problem that you solved at work or in doing housework at home. How long did it take you to figure out what to do? How did you feel about yourself after the problem was solved?




4. What are some problems that people face in the country that you come from? Does the government do a good job to help the people who are affected? What happens to these people if they don’t get the help they need?




5. What are some big problems facing the world right now? Try to name at least three. What do you think are the solutions to these problems?




6. What are some ways to avoid problems before they occur? Think, for example, about health problems, sickness, problems with children, problems at work, or problems in the neighborhood where you live.




7. What would the world be like if it had no problems to deal with at all? Is it possible to live in a problem-free world?