talking to a cashier

(A customer goes to the checkout counter at the grocery store to pay for her food.)

Customer: Hi

This is a customer.

Cashier: Hi. How are you today?

This is a cashier.

Customer: I’m doing okay. How ’bout you?

Cashier: I’m fine, thanks. Did you find everything that you were looking for?
Customer: Yes, I did. However, I couldn’t find Thai basil. Do you sell that here?
Cashier: I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with our manager.

Customer: Okay.

Cashier: I have your total. That will be $68.45 cents.
Customer: Okay. Here’s $70.
Cashier: Thank-you. Then I owe you one dollar and 55 cents.

Customer: Thank-you.

Cashier: You’re welcome.

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