Email Exercise #1 – Creativity

This is a fill-in-the blank exercise. Print it out or complete online.

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence. All of these words should be used as verbs, infinitives, or gerunds.

make  draw  paint  prepare  sketch  play  strum  sew  design  sculpt

1. My mother is teaching me how _________ so that I can alter my own clothes. (infinitive)

2. _____________ a guitar is very relaxing, especially if you know some interesting chords. (gerund)

3. A new ballpark _____________________ for downtown Minneapolis and will be ready by 2010. (present continuous tense– passive voice)

4. Do you know how ____________ any interesting dishes (food) from your country? One of my favorite Chinese dishes is Kung Pao Chicken. (infinitive)

5. She _______________ a picture of a house with a pencil. (present continuous tense)

6. When he was in high school, he _________ Hamlet in a major theatrical production. (past tense)

7. It takes a long time ______________ something that is made from rock because it’s such a hard substance. (infinitive)

8. They __________________ their living room blue and green, but now they don’t like it and want to change the colors. (present perfect tense)

9. Question: What ______ you ______________ for dinner tonight?
 Answer: Lasagna. (present continuous tense)

10. When you visit a museum, you’ll see many art students __________ sketches of art work. (gerund / present participle)