Rip Van Winkle Quiz

Directions: Circle the best answer.

1. What was Rip Van Winkle’s one personality flaw?
A. He couldn’t relax.
B. He couldn’t carry on a conversation with anyone.
C. He was mean to his wife.
D. He would help everyone else before attending to his own business.

2. What was the name of Rip’s dog?
A. Sparky
B. Fido
C. Coyote
D. Wolf

3. What group of people had settled in the Hudson Valley region?
A. German
B. Spanish
C. Dutch
D. Cuban

4. What does Rip first notice is different when he approached the village after his nap?
A. His house is abandoned.
B. The inn has changed names.
C. He doesn’t recognize people and the people are dressed differently.
D. All of the above

5. Who is the real author of this story?
A. Washington Irving
B. Henry David Thoreau
C. Nathaniel Hawthorne

6. What happened to Rip at the end of the story?
A. He returned to his home to live out the rest of his life as before.
B. He moved in with his daughter and her husband.
C. He built a cabin for himself and his dog high up in the mountains.
D. He moved into the hotel and became a partner in the business.

7. How many years had Rip been asleep?
A. ten years
B. fifteen years
C. twenty years
D. thirty years

8. What made Rip Van Winkle fall asleep in the mountains?
A. He had hunted hard all day.
B. He had put in a hard day’s work.
C. He had sampled the strangers’ liquor.
D. He had hit his head while hunting.

9. What happened to Dame Van Winkle after Rip’s disappearance?
A. She divorced him.
B. She declared him dead and remarried.
C. She moved from the area to start a new life.
D. She fell dead from a burst blood vessel after an altercation with a peddler.

10. What important event in American history took place during Rip’s sleep?
A. The Revolutionary War
B. The Civil War
C. The Mexican War
D. The French & Indian War

11. What is the setting of this story?
A. the Rocky Mountains
B. the Smoky Mountains
C. the Grand Tetons
D. the Kaatskill Mountains

12. Which word would NOT describe Rip Van Winkle?
A. arrogant
B. simple
C. hen-pecked
D. good-natured

13. What is a physical change that Rip notices about himself after his "nap"
A. He is stiff in his joints.
B. His beard has grown a foot long.
C. His beard has turned gray.
D. All of the above

14. What are the strangers playing when Rip Van Winkle first sees them in the amphitheatre?
A. ninepins
B. football
C. soccer
D. baseball

15. Rip might have had a better relationship with his wife if only…
A. he could stop drinking.
B. she could stop nagging him.
C. she could stop spending all of his money.
D. all of the above.