Words That Rhyme with "Trump"


He’s the 45th President of the United States:-( Trump.

Directions: Write your answers in your notebook. Afterwards, click on the answers link at the bottom of the page.

write by hand

1. jump in the lake

It’s fun to do this when you go to a lake: JUMP.


2. camel

A camel has one or two of these: HUMP.


3. pump

It’s the thing from which you buy gas for a car: PUMP.


4. two cars

When one car hits another they BUMP.


5. rump

The rear end of an animal is also called a RUMP.


6. garbage

It’s the place where garbage goes: DUMP.


7. stump

It’s what remains when a tree is cut down: STUMP.


8. throat

A person who is sick might get this in his throat: LUMP.


9. old man

A person who always complains is known as a GRUMP.


10. mushrooms

Mushrooms grow together in a CLUMP.


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