Words That Rhyme with "Clip"


paper clip

To hold pieces of paper, use a paper _c__ _l__ _i__ _p__.

Directions: Write your answers in your notebook. Afterwards, click on the answers link at the bottom of the page.

write by hand

1. football

When holding a football, use a strong GRIP.


2. dog bite

A small bite from a dog is called a NIP.


3. hip

She looks so cool with her hand on her HIP.


4. rip

This picture is damaged. It has a big RIP.


5. lips

Everyone has an upper and a lower LIP.


6. guy drinking

Don’t drink too much; just take a SIP.


7. boat

It looks like this boat is about to TIP.


8. spatula

A cook uses a spatula to FLIP (hamburgers).


9. water

A small leakage of liquid is known as a DRIP.


10. vacation car

Load up the car. Let’s go on a TRIP.


11. zipper

Clothing is fastened with a thing that you ZIP.


12. film strip

Old movies can be watched on a film STRIP.


13.  dip

People at parties eat chips with a DIP.


14. ship packages

You can use the internet for packages to SHIP.


15. whip

To make his employees work harder, the boss cracks his

WHIP. (Not really! This is just an expression.)


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