Words That Rhyme with "Eat" (ANSWERS)


When you are hungry, you really should EAT .

Here are the answers in the form of an audio recording. Listen and read as you scroll down the page.


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1. feet

In order to stand, get up on your FEET.


2. clean

He uses a broom to keep his home clean and NEAT.


3. meeting space

This room is great for business people to MEET.


4. hot

If the sun makes you sweat, get out of the HEAT.


5. drums

This music is awesome! It has a great BEAT.


6. neighbors

A neighbor is someone you talk to and GREET.


7. runners

Runners on race tracks like to COMPETE.


8. paper

Her paper is torn. She needs a new SHEET.


9. seat

When you are traveling you sit in a SEAT.


10. candy

Chocolate is wonderfully creamy and SWEET.


11. cheater

Not knowing the answer, he’s trying to CHEAT.


12. meat

To make a good sandwich use sliced MEAT.


13.  man talking on phone

He talks on his cell phone as he walks down the



14. wheat

To make your own bread, you might use WHEAT.


15. sleet

Between rain and snow there’s this stuff they call



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